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Podcast: Setting up an Outbound Sales Effort for your Business with Laxman Papineni

For this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua sits down with Laxman Papineni to discuss all things outbound sales. Specifically, in this episode, you will hear many helpful insights on setting up an outbound sales effort, including the following:

  • We’re living in an age where everything is human. In other words, people want to buy from people. You can’t just be active on email. You need to have a presence on social networks, text messages, video emails, and more.
  • Take five minutes to do some research before sending out sales emails. Personalization is important and an extremely effective way to build solid relationships with your prospects. Investing the time in personalization, you substantially increase your chances of making a final sale.
  • A great sales format is including three to four lines about the prospect and then one question at the end. This sales format is a good mix of both personalization and a way for the prospect to get into a conversation with you.
  • Subject lines may be overlooked, yet they are critical aspects of the outbound sales process. Make your subject line something similar or relevant to the particular context in your sales email. Moreover, make it evident right away.
  • Quick, personalized videos can be more effective than you think. Not only do they show off your personality, but they help you build that close connection. It makes sense to go the extra mile here.

Ultimately, this is a great conversation for listeners who are looking to establish an efficient and robust outbound sales effort. Sales managers, SDRs, entrepreneurs, and managers will absolutely love this episode.

Laxman Papineni is the co-founder of Outplay, which is a new-age sales engagement platform that helps sales development representatives (SDRs) be more human when engaging with prospects throughout the sales process. Ultimately, Laxman and his colleagues focus on helping Outplay’s users streamline their inbound and outbound sales strategy. Before starting Outplay, Laxman was also the founder and CEO of AppVirality Inc., which offered plug and play referral marketing software for B2C mobile apps.

Want to learn more from Laxman about setting up an outbound sales effort for your business?

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