A weekly podcast by Ruben Dua, the founder of Dubb.

The Story Behind Dubb

Dubb is the video communication platform for sales, marketing, support and more. Get a free trial at and scale with actionable videos. Subscribe to this podcast for tips and tricks on growing a business and long-form interviews with fascinating people in sales, marketing and beyond.

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What People Say

Festini says it’s great… So it must be
Great insights. This is a wonderful podcast that highlights thought leaders in the sales and marketing world. It’s fun and light yet chock full of insights and values
Adding this to the list for sure! Excellent podcast. Will be tuning in again!
Great for at! Love Ruben’s conversational style and real-world takeaways.
Amy Blaschka
Phenomenal content driven by Ruben! Huge fan of Ruben’s work and his ability to draw out practical takeaways from any conversation.
Carrie in WI
Very well done Great podcast Dubb team
Dogden Raised

Meet Your Host

Ruben is the CEO and Founder of the sales operating sysytem, Dubb, the host of a top-rising podcast called “Connection Loop” and the author of a best new release on Amazon, “Click Record”. When he’s not working he’s with his family, at the tennis court, or playing drums. Learn more at

Ruben Dua