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Podcast: Burning Out Won’t Get You There with Davida Ginter

In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua discusses burnout with Davida Ginter. Some insights that you’ll hear in this conversation include the following:

  • Burnout means many different things. It can be everything from feeling weeks upon weeks of workplace stress to spending too much time in front of screens. Recognize that there is not a narrow definition of burnout and that you may, in fact, be experiencing burnout right now.
  • While many people think that burning out is a sign of weakness, nothing could be further from the truth. Like batteries, human beings need to be recharged and rejuvenated. Keep this in mind if you are feeling any anxiety or shame about feeling burnt out.
  • Retreat vacations are nice, but they are not the core solution to the core problem of burnout. Burnout prevention forces us to reexamine our routines and then reprioritize.
  • It’s critical to listen to the signs of burnout. Even if you feel like you are only experiencing mild symptoms, it is important to take action today. Doing so will help prevent even more stress and anxiety in the future.
  • Workload isn’t the first cause of burnout. It can be many different things related to your professional and personal lives. Don’t rule anything out.

This is a fantastic conversation for all of us. Especially in these unusual times, it is critical to monitor burnout in both yourself and your friends, family, and colleagues. The insights in this conversation can help you get much better at detecting the signs.

Davida Ginter describes herself as a change-maker. She is the co-founder and CEO of Enkindle Global, which is an international organization dedicated to supporting leaders and organizations in burnout prevention and building emotional resistance. Davida is also the author of a book titled Burning Out Won’t Get You There. Before that, she was the founder and processes facilitator of an organization called Be The Change.

Want to learn more from Davida about the perils of burnout when advancing toward your goals?

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