Rachael Tresch

Podcast: Finding Your Voice and Being Authentic in Sales Videos with Rachael Tresch

As sales professionals, it’s important that our voice cuts through the noise and resonates with our audience. Most people default to trying too hard, but that never works. However, differentiating yourself from the competition isn’t as difficult as we make it out to be.

It starts with being your most authentic self.

Remember, people buy from people. They commit to people they can create genuine relationships with.

As a professional voice-over artist and vocal coach, Rachael Tresch knows what it’s like to find one’s own voice and has also had extensive experience helping others find theirs. It’s one of her missions to inspire people through the power of storytelling, which she believes is integral to forming relationships and exhibiting authenticity. Aside from voice-over work, Rachael is also a business development coach at AnnieMac Home Mortgage.

Check out this episode of Dubb’s podcast Connection Loop, where Dubb founder and CEO Ruben Dua discusses how to find your authentic voice in sales videos with Rachael Tresch.

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