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Podcast: How to Objection Handle in Sales Video Messages with Marcus Chan

How well do you respond to situations where you’re prompted to take no for an answer?

Objections from buyers are a natural element of the sales process. However, we often interpret these reservations as brick walls that are impossible to find a way around.

In reality, these objections are usually only smokescreens that you can still walk through.

How? That’s what Marcus Chan teaches us in this episode of Dubb’s podcast, Connection Loop.

Here you will see Dubb founder and CEO Ruben Dua discuss objection handling with Marcus Chan. Marcus is the president and founder of Venli Consulting Group, a sales coaching and consulting firm that works directly with businesses and sales professionals to help take their sales skills to the maximum level. Because of his work, Marcus has been recognized as Salesforce’s Top 16 Sales Influencers to Follow.

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