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Podcast: Boosting The Quantity of Conversations with Higher Quality Connections for Better Relationships with Steve Moreland

Have you ever struggled to build quality relationships with clients at scale?

In our personal lives, we often think that having more friendships means less meaningful relationships. In business, however, this does not have to be the case. Having a large number of clients with whom you have personal connections is entirely attainable.

How? By creating a system that allows you to serve client needs without compromising customer service. Creating this process correctly can result in an avalanche of business and profitability.

The secret to this process is using video.

Steve Moreland is an accomplished author, speaker, and leader, who focuses on converting customers into devoted fans and brand ambassadors. His career spans over 30 years, and he has had extensive experience working with small SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

To learn more about how you can boost the number of your clients and revenue, check out this episode of Dubb’s podcast Connection Loop, with Dubb founder and CEO, Ruben Dua and Steve Moreland.

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