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Podcast: Why we need a New Type of Leader for a New World? with Suzi Sosa

Are you looking to become a better leader in our rapidly changing world? If so, you are certainly in the right place. Leaders and would-be leaders today need to adapt to our new environment to more effectively lead their teams toward their business goals. In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Suzi Sosa about how we can embrace this new style of leadership in 2021. Insights that you will hear in this episode include the following:

  • For so many reasons, the way that leadership was taught 20 years ago doesn’t apply today. It was taught to a very small group of people at the top of companies and it focused on skills like negotiation and financial performance. In today’s world, however, we are facing much more complex issues. We need to step away from this old-school leadership training and embrace the realities of today.
  • Companies need to train every single employee to be a leader. It requires a different model. While companies need to invest in this model, they will quickly find that their employees are more ethical, empathetic, and caring for each other. 
  • Your energy state is one of the biggest things that have an impact on your performance and your team’s performance. A drained or lacking energy state will lead to poor decisions and declining morale. However, a higher energy state leads to higher morale and better business outcomes. Becoming more aware of your energy state is a positive step forward to becoming a better leader. 
  • Inclusiveness is an extremely important part of the modern-day workplace. Because of this, it’s worth your time to take a quick pause before speaking. Consider whether what you’re about to say is going to be inclusive. At the same time, we can’t overly censor our employees at the office. Leaders need to recognize and manage this paradox in their day-to-day work.
  • As a leader, it is extremely helpful to get really connected with your body. Your body will usually tell you your intentions—even if your mind does not want to admit it. If you get an annoying Slack message, for instance, your body will tell you that you aren’t coming from that clear, centered, and compassionate space of being a great leader. 

This is an outstanding episode for listeners that want to become more effective leaders. Whether you are a leader now or want to become one in the future, pay close attention to the insights discussed here. 

Suzi Sosa is the co-founder and CEO of Verb. Verb is a turnkey leadership development platform for companies to unlock and cultivate the potential of their employees. Employees who use Verb’s software are more productive, adaptable, and loyal. Before Verb, Suzi co-created the social entrepreneurship program at the University of Texas-Austin. She was also a social entrepreneur in the financial inclusion sector. 

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