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Podcast: Dialogue with Your Customer’s Brain with Marty Bickford

Whenever we are trying to sell something, we can’t just look at our goals and objectives. We need to focus on our prospects and the problems that they are facing in their lives. That said, getting into our customers’ brains is easier said than done. We may intend to be empathetic and solve our audience’s problems or issues, yet we may not have a great idea of what those problems or issues actually are.  

In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua and Marty Bickford sit down to discuss how to dialogue with your customer’s brain. Marty has been in the Silicon Valley startup world for over 25 years. Now, he is at a startup called BOSS Startup Science, where he and his colleagues help startup founders navigate early-stage business decisions.  

Marty and Ruben had a great conversation about sales, marketing, and how you can better sell to your prospects. Some of the topics discussed in this conversation include common mistakes that startup founders make, why you shouldn’t confuse efficiency for effectiveness, why you need to truly understand product-market fit, and the value of pivoting early, rather than later. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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