Michael Ray

Podcast: Why We Must Smile Now with Michael Ray

We’re now living in a time of fear and uncertainty. COVID-19 has caused massive disruption in our lives. It’s easy to be down and pessimistic. That said, we don’t have to settle for the negative. We can embrace positivity and give back to others in need.

It’s with this background in mind that we are pleased to bring you our conversation with Michael Ray. Michael started Smile Project Louisville. It is a movement promoting small acts, which ultimately influence positivity and happiness in others. While he has been spearheading Smile Project Louisville for just a short time, his message has already been adopted by many people.

Speaking with Dubb founder Ruben Dua, Michael discusses topics like his overall mission, why he started Smile Project Louisville, how one person can truly make a difference in another person’s life, and how we can be more compassionate and thoughtful to others in our own lives. It is an awesome message in these uncertain times, so we encourage you to use Michael as inspiration to provide love and positivity to others.

Want to learn more from Michael Ray about the importance of smiling in today’s day and age? The story continues at dubb.com.


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