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Podcast: How a 28-year old failure started over and grew a $50M business with Justin Welsh

For as much potential as entrepreneurship and the business world can offer, the road to business success isn’t a straight line. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, there are going to be roadblocks and obstacles in the way. In fact, there may be some major setbacks that may want you to completely give up. But for those entrepreneurs and employees that stay optimistic and keep chipping away at those obstacles, they are much more likely to achieve their professional goals.

To learn more about bouncing back from failure and achieving business success, we were pleased to sit down with Justin Welsh. Justin is the founder of JW Strategic Advisory, which is an advisory firm that helps SMB SaaS companies advance toward $50 million in recurring revenue. Before starting JW Strategic Advisory, Justin was a strategic advisor at PatientPop, where he acted as interim CRO during a Series C raise of $50 million. He also was a sub-ten employee at ZocDoc in various leadership roles. Before all of these impressive accolades, however, Justin faced some hard times, but he was able to bounce back from them and achieve massive business success.

In his conversation with Dubb founder Ruben Dua, Justin discussed topics like his origin story, Justin’s failures in his 20s (including several firings), advice on how listeners can take their careers to the next level, why the Internet offers a huge opportunity for everyone (but especially young entrepreneurs), why taking small risks can drastically increase your odds of long-term success, how Justin continues to grow at JW Strategic Advisory and Justin’s advice to SaaS companies.

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