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Podcast: How to Unleash Your Super Powers with Chantel Soumis

We all have weaknesses. Whether it is a weakness in a certain aspect of your job or a mental roadblock that is setting us back, there are always places in life where we can improve. That being said, the actual act of unleashing our superpowers can be much easier said than done. It takes dedication, objectivity, and a willingness to fight inertia and make the changes that may seem too daunting or insurmountable.

To learn more about unleashing our superpowers, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Chantel Soumis. Chantel is an international speaker, personal brand expert, and a LinkedIn influencer. She is a top LinkedIn creator with over 30,000 organic followers in just one year. Chantel is an impressive individual whose insights on turning weakness into failure can help anyone achieve their goals.

Ruben and Chantel discussed a wide range of topics, including Chantel’s origin story, the importance of social connection, why it is good to feel pain and cry, the value and power of neuroplasticity, and why you should want to be a mermaid in a sea of dolphins. Whether you have struggled to overcome a weakness in your life or are just starting to tackle one of your weaknesses, you’ll certainly get some good tips from Chantel.

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