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Podcast: How to Optimize your Branding and B2B Marketing with Sam Winsbury

Whether you’re the founder of your startup or have a sales or marketing role at your company, it’s critical to think about your company’s branding and B2B marketing strategy. We’re living in an increasingly competitive world. Companies from all over the planet can target customers or prospects in your industry or sector. Therefore, it’s vital to be agile and constantly consider how you can craft your branding and image in the public square.

To learn more about B2B marketing and how to optimize your brand, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Sam Winsbury. Sam is a personal branding expert. He helps his many clients create profitable personal brands, whether they are trying to create an online following or are hoping to get more clients. Sam has a ton of great insights in this area, so we were happy to bring him on Connection Loop to discuss branding and marketing.

In this episode, you’ll hear Sam share his thoughts on things like why your personal brand should be practical, why you need to spend some time cleaning up your LinkedIn profile, why you shouldn’t overcomplicate your LinkedIn content strategy, how the Waterfall Method can help you continuously release content, and why you should pay attention to the mere-exposure effect.

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