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Podcast: How to Tell Engaging Stories on Video with Ariel Viera

In this episode of Connection Loop, Ruben Dua sat down with Ariel Viera to discuss everything related to telling engaging stories through video. In the conversation, you will hear plenty of important insights, including the following:

  • There are so many interesting things around the world to capture through video. Therefore, one of the best ways to create content is to get out of the building. All you need to do is use your phone and get in the habit of recording. You’ll be sure to capture some amazing things!
  • Sound is a really important part of creating content. When recording in an indoor place, for instance, try to turn off every type of equipment that can make noise. Doing so will make your audio clearer and provide a better experience for the viewer. 
  • There’s value in creating distinct videos for yourself and for your audience. Doing this can keep you entertained and can improve the way that you create content for prospects and customers. 
  • It’s important to be strategic when you are thinking about produced versus live video. Some platforms (like YouTube) are emphasizing live video more. Also, there’s potentially a lot more business to be made from live video. 
  • Storytelling is difficult. Not everyone has the skill. That said, it can be sharpened over time. Keep at it—even if you feel like you aren’t getting far.

At Dubb, we believe that all businesses should leverage the power of video when marketing to their customers. Because of this, this episode of Connection Loop provides a wealth of ideas for content creators like you that are constantly thinking of ways to build long-term customer relationships. Hope you enjoy the discussion!

Ariel Viera is a video producer for Urbanist Media. Ariel is most well-known for using video to explore many different cities. His original platforms were Facebook and Instagram, but he now predominantly shares his creations on YouTube and TikTok. His work is extremely popular, as Ariel has gathered over 100,000 followers on TikTok alone. 

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