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Podcast: How a Realtor Generates Over 70% of Her Clients From YouTube with Karin Carr

Realtors are always thinking of ways to find new clients. That being said, what if there was a way to find a significant amount of clients from YouTube? In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Karin Carr about finding prospects on one of the world’s most popular websites. Some of the insights and thoughts that you will hear in this episode include the following:
  • There is significant value in experimentation. When a new platform (like YouTube) comes out, it is worth your time to try it out. See how it works and if you can use it in your business. While every experiment may not work out, there may be some home runs that will supercharge your business’s growth.
  • YouTube is an outstanding platform to generate inbound leads. There are plenty of viewers that may be following your work for some time. They may be extremely impressed if you respond to their inbound messages. Your responses may even lead to future sales.
  • There are haters on the Internet. It is inevitable. That being said, the occasional hater is overshadowed by the many people that get real value from your videos. Keep this in mind if you are nervous about recording videos and distributing them to your audience.
  • Think about finding a video accountability partner. He or she can hold your feet to the fire and make sure that you are consistently creating videos. This is especially helpful when you are first starting out.
  • When creating your videos on YouTube, make sure that you are leveraging keyword research. Any keyword research tool will work. By being strategic about the keywords that you choose, you’ll be more likely to bolster your videos’ SEO.

Real estate agents will certainly get a lot from this episode. But even if you aren’t a real estate agent, Karin has some fabulous insights that can help you get the most out of YouTube marketing.

Karin Carr has been a realtor for 15 years. She started making YouTube videos several years ago as a branding exercise. She has grown her YouTube presence to create a successful real estate practice. Now, Karin helps other real estate agents attract a steady stream of new clients through the power of YouTube.

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