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Podcast: How to Make a Video Studio and Recording Process with Kenn Okazaki

Getting into the process of creating video content for business can be overwhelming for most people. It can be challenging to have the storytelling down, let alone muster the confidence to put yourself in front of the camera. In addition, there’s also the internal debate about whether you should embrace minimalism or maximalism for your video equipment and studio setup. But while these are all actual and significant setbacks, they’re not as difficult to overcome as you might think. 

In this episode of Connection LoopDubb founder Ruben Dua speaks with Kenn Okazaki about how to assemble the ideal video studio and recording process. Kenn works as a video marketing strategist for Oz Media Global, a video marketing agency whose clients are some of the world’s leading speakers and influencers. 

During the conversation, Kenn illustrates how you can pull off the Dubb Studio Makeover and his branded process for creating video content called HILDA. This episode is for anyone looking to improve their video production process, increase their engagement, and understand the intricacies of video marketing. 

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