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Podcast: How to Build Your Authority Platform Online with Chris Kirkpatrick

In this day and age, running a business does not only call for establishing an online presence; it also requires differentiating yourself from the rest of the competition by building authority and demonstrating thought leadership. Although the process may initially seem overwhelming and even frustrating, there are proven effective ways to find your voice and exercise your influence on the internet. 

In this episode of Connection LoopDubb founder Ruben Dua discusses building an authority platform online with Chris Kirkpatrick. Chris is the president and founder of LIFE180, a full-service entrepreneurial agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed by launching, advancing, and optimizing their businesses. 

Chris imparts valuable knowledge during the episode, such as practical ways to dominate the first page of search engines, like setting up Google Alerts for your brand and your name. He also expounds on the value of communication, community, and connection in setting your brand apart from the marketplace. If you want to find out the best practices to maintain your online presence and navigate your system to success, then this episode is definitely for you. 

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