Dara Moore

Podcast: Changing Your Conversation with Dara Moore

Whether you are trying to start a billion-dollar company or simply get a promotion in your job, mindset is everything. Even if you have a high IQ or years of experience in your industry, it’ll be hard to achieve your goals without a positive, optimistic mindset. Ultimately, you need to change your internal conversation to one that helps you build confidence, stay accountable to your goals, and clarify your purpose. 

To learn more, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Dara Moore. Dara is a certified life coach and the founder of Changing Your Conversation, whose goal is to empower women in the workforce. Dara helps her clients work through obstacles and live the lives that they truly want to live.

Topics discussed in this episode of Connection Loop include Dara’s origin story, how Changing Your Conversation creates long-lasting change in the lives of single women and single mothers, why poverty becomes generational, how we can keep ourselves accountable to our goals, and how Dara uses video to in her day-to-day work.

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