Yvette Owo

Connection Loop Podcast – How to Win in Business with Yvette Owo


Let’s face it: the business world is competitive. Today, everyone from the solo entrepreneur in her garage to the largest companies is competing for market share. Even if you aren’t a naturally competitive person, you’ll need to strategize and think of ways that your business can win, whether that is obtaining that key growth metric or stellar customer service scores. To learn more about winning in business, we’re proud to share our conversation with Yvette Owo. After focusing on business strategy for ten years at Accenture, Yvette founded Yvette Owo Coaching. She helps owners of service businesses who want to supercharge their growth. 


In this episode, she shares her thoughts and insights on a wide variety of things, including her origin story and her early entrepreneurial experiences, how Yvette helps her clients grow their businesses, when your business should seek out specialists, how you can find your own strengths, and why it’s critical to think about the different pieces that make a business successful. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or are a manager at a large company, we’re confident that you’ll enjoy this episode. 


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