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Podcast: Why You Need To Speak Story with Francisco Mahfuz

It is critical to think hard about the ways that you communicate with clients and prospects. Simply put, your words matter. They can make the difference between a lost sale and a recurring business. In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua sat down with Francisco Mahfuz to discuss the power of story and why it should be included in your marketing work. Among the insights that you will hear in this episode include the following:

  • The business world is about meaningful communication. Storytelling happens to be the best way that we can communicate meaningfully with our prospects and clients. From the earliest days around the campfire, we have been sharing stories with each other. We have a natural affinity for hearing them and sharing them.
  • All of us have stories. This is true even if we live “boring” or “uninteresting” lives. So if you are struggling to think of stories for yourself or your business, rest assured that they are there. You just have to identify them. 
  • When you are using video to tell your stories, speak directly to the camera. By doing so, you are able to build a genuine connection with the viewer. Even if it feels uncomfortable or unnatural, make this a priority when telling your stories. Your dedication will pay off. 
  • Becoming a better storyteller comes from deliberate practice. Storytelling is like a muscle that you need to continuously build. Because of this, keep working at it. You will get better.
  • Along with practice, getting feedback is an important part of becoming a better storyteller. Don’t fear that feedback. While it may hurt in the moment, it will make you a more compelling storyteller. 

No matter your title, sector, or company, you can use the insights from this conversation to accelerate toward your career goals. Sit down and take some notes for this one. Enjoy the episode!

Francisco Mahfuz helps leaders and sales teams use the power of story to grow engagement, purpose, and performance. Specifically, he is a keynote speaker and communications coach that helps his clients become better and more confident speakers. Francisco is also the host of the Storypowers podcast, which is a show about the power of stories, the people who tell them, and why you should be doing it too. As if that wasn’t enough, Francisco is also the author of Bare: A Guide to Brutally Honest Public Speaking. 

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