Julie Turney

Podcast: Why Having a People-first Culture Matters Now with Julie Turney

Regardless of your sector or industry, it is absolutely critical to treat your colleagues like human beings. That being said, the unfortunate reality is that there are plenty of companies that fail to do so. It is all too easy to focus on the numbers and shareholder value rather than helping their employees do their best work. Even though there may not appear to be a significant ROI right away, making these investments now can create significant financial and non-financial value.

To further learn about the importance of having a people-first culture right now, we are excited to share our discussion with Julie Turney. Julie has been working in human resources for the past 15 years. Primarily, she focuses on helping organizations create people-first cultures. Along with this, Julie is an HR coach, helping HR professionals improve their craft and lead with purpose. As if that wasn’t enough, Julie is the host of HR Soundoff, which is a podcast that sheds light on many of the misconceptions within human resources.

In her discussion with Dubb founder Ruben Dua, Julie discusses topics like her origin story, the importance of agile HR, how to make your team members happy, why employee happiness is critical for growth, why understanding yourself is a key to developing empathy, and why dignity and respect are two concepts that need to be infused within any organization. Whether you are an HR professional, founder, manager, or simply an interested employee, this conversation is for you.

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