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Podcast: What is Transformational Branding with Toni Bubb

In this episode of Connection Loop, join us as we discuss the art of transformational branding with Toni Bubb. Sitting down with Dubb founder Ruben Dua, Toni shared many different insights on transformational branding, including the following:
  • When it comes down to developing a personal brand or a brand for your business, you need to know what your core values are. You must also know your mission and your vision for yourself. This is where spiritual tools can be especially helpful.
  • You can’t help someone unless you have done the work yourself. You must go through the pain and be a brave soul to make a difference in someone’s life. Many people are afraid to do this, but if you can, you can have a huge impact.
  • Creating and distributing free content is an excellent way to build trust with your audience. This is especially true if you use video, as your audience can get a feeling about you and sense your energy.
  • It is extremely helpful to write down your mission statement and have five trusted people provide their comments. Having this outside perspective can unlock some unique insights that you would have never obtained.
  • When navigating the stresses of business life or working with a team, it’s critical to focus on your personal development first. You can’t handle these stresses with grace or ease unless you do this personal work.

Ultimately, this is a fantastic conversation if you are interested in personal or corporate branding. But more than that, Toni has some great insights on how you can get the most out of life and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Toni Bubb is a self-described “professional lover of life.” She is a brand strategist and coach who helps her clients with things like branding, personal development, and leveraging spiritual tools. Most of her clients are entrepreneurs, but Toni is also happy to work with change-makers, thought leaders, and industry experts who are looking to take their brands to the next level. At her core, Toni loves creativity, wellness, and spirituality.

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