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Podcast: What Investors Actually Care About with Robert Harary

Whether you just started a startup or are looking to scale your business, you may be thinking about taking on external capital. It is a difficult decision, but if you decide to seek funding, you want to do so in a way that saves time and maximizes your odds of success. In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua sat down with Robert Harary to discuss what investors actually care about. Some insights you will hear in this episode include: 

  • One of the most important things when creating an investor pitch deck is to identify your audience. This may seem intuitive; however, it can be more complex than you think. For instance, you can create an investor pitch deck for a demo day or for a certain group of prominent angel investors. While you are pitching essentially the same thing, you’ll want to tailor your pitch deck to that specific audience. Doing this will make your pitch much more effective.  
  • Keep in mind that few (if any) investors are making their final decision based on your deck alone. In other words, while you will want your deck to be professional and tailored to your audience, recognize that those investors are going to be looking at the entire package. Essentially, this means that your investor deck should be your guide as you are communicating with your potential investors. It can be a first impression that can make it much easier to persuade those investors.  
  • It’s important to recognize that your investors are all busy people. When they are reviewing your slide deck, they are probably multitasking. They may be doing work or even reviewing one of your competitors’ slide decks. Because of this, Robert suggests that you write 12 to 15 sentences on your business and then use them as the titles for all of your slides. Making it simple and easy for your prospective investors will be much appreciated.   
  • One great strategy is to preempt your potential investors. What does this mean? Essentially, you want to think about the questions that your potential investors will ask in pitch meetings. Step into their shoes and think about areas where you will be challenged. By thinking about this before your meeting, you can create a more compelling pitch.  
  • When you are pitching investors, remember that you are talking to individuals that do not know your business as well as you. Basically, you need to make sure that you aren’t using language or assumptions that may be totally foreign to your investors. Don’t hesitate to take things slowly. Make sure that you are clear when communicating with your investors.  

This is a great conversation for anyone that is looking to raise money for their startup. Whether you are pursuing your angel check or are looking for a better way to fundraise, Robert has some outstanding insights for you. Be prepared to take some notes! 

Robert Harary is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is an investment associate at Evolution VC Partners, which invests in revolutionary culture technology companies that both define our culture today and establish the foundation for where our culture is going tomorrow. Along with this work at Evolution VC Partners, Robert is a partner at Decko Designs, where he works with accelerators and founders that are raising capital to create world-class investor experiences and pitch decks. Before all of that, Robert was the CEO of OneH Technologies Corp 

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