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Podcast: Unlocking the Power of Franchising with Marcos Moura

When thinking about starting a new business or working for a young business, it’s easy to consider a digital startup. After all, these types of startups get many of the headlines. That said, there are many other opportunities to both solve pressing needs in the marketplace and build wealth at the same time. One of those opportunities comes from franchising. To learn more, Dubb founder Ruben Dua sat down with Marcos Moura to discuss the power of franchising. Topics discussed in this episode include:  

  • When they start franchising, many franchisors try to sell their franchises to whoever has the cash. Marcos and his colleagues, however, wanted to sell their franchises to individuals that they wanted to be with, hang out with, and those they thought would be successful. Partnering with hungry franchisees is one of the best parts of the journey.
  • Identifying the right business is one of the most important parts of franchising. While much of the narrative in franchising is about following a specific model, you need to make sure that you have the right fit with the business. Fit is hard to quantify, but it is an extremely important part of finding the right franchising opportunity. 
  • Having a sales background is a really important part of franchising. That sales background and experience can help you overcome some of the early challenges that come with building relationships with your new customers. While you can certainly learn sales skills, you will be in a better position if you arrive with those skills. 
  • Identifying the buyer profile is difficult, but it is an essential part of success within your franchise. Yes, it can take time. However, creating a case study and building your tribe from there is a massive investment in your future success. 
  • The marketing world doesn’t need to be that complicated. As long as you know who to reach, it is all about using the tools that you have to reach that audience. By consistently delivering value to them, the sky’s the limit. 

This is a great conversation for anyone interested in learning more about opportunities with franchising. Whether you are just starting to learn about the power of franchising or already have extensive experience with franchising, you will get a ton from this conversation. Hope you enjoy it! 

Marcos is one of the co-owners of Amada Franchise Inc. Amada Franchise Inc. is a brand that is focused on enriching the lives of our rapidly aging population. Marcos and his colleagues started the company in 2007 and started franchising in 2012. Amada Franchise Inc. has received several prominent recognitions, including the “Top 10 Best New Franchises to Invest In” by Entrepreneur magazine. 

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