Simi Arora

Podcast: The Path to Reinvention, Spirituality and Oneness with Simi Arora

Are you looking to decrease unhappiness, stress, and anxiety from your life? Simi Arora went through many struggles early in her life, including moving across the globe, going through a divorce, and having to reinvent her career when few believed in her.

But this struggle was not endured in vain. She has since been able to make a mark in the business world as a balanced east-meets-west life coach and influencer.
In fact, she coined the term “unshakeable happiness” which is rooted in a mindset, framework, and the stories that we create in our heads and live out in our real lives.

The reality of happiness is that most people associate it with goals. This is short-lived. Unsustainable. When we chase happiness and feel like we’ve attained it, we are only setting ourselves up for having to do it all over again.

In this podcast, we explore topics of non-duality, Pranayama, witness consciousness, sustained contentment, and how to fulfill our truest potential. After all, we all need a little HELP (happiness, esteem, leadership, and purpose) from our friends like Simi Arora.

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