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Podcast: The Future of Communication is Now with Eric Axelrod

The rise of COVID-19, while devastating on a public health and economic level, appears to be a strong catalyst for the work from home movement. While in-person communication will never go away, digital communication has become an even more critical part of our personal and professional lives. To put it another way, the future of communication is now.

To learn more about these rapidly changing communication trends, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Eric Axelrod. Eric is the founder of Cloud Data Summit, which is a 100% online conference centered on topics related to the future of cloud and data. He is also an early adopter of Dubb

Among the topics discussed in this interview include Eric’s early introduction to Dubb, how Eric uses Dubb and other tools to embrace this new era of remote work, why new technologies make it increasingly easier to communicate virtually compared to in-person, why asynchronous platforms are vital in today’s day and age, and how speakers can thrive in this new world of digital-first communication. Listening to Eric’s insights, you can get a better sense of why things like remote working and all-digital conferences will become even more important in the months and years ahead.

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