Jay Skinner

Podcast: The Biggest Problems and Solutions for your Sales Process with Jay Skinner

Sales is no easy job. Reaching out to prospects about your product, convincing them of its merit, and turning them into actual buying customers can be tough.
There’s no denying that challenges in sales are very much real. But so are the excuses salespeople make up for falling short of sales targets. Sometimes, we are the source of our own problems.
In this episode of Dubb’s podcast Connection Loop, Dubb founder and CEO Ruben Dua speaks with Jay Skinner to tackle the most rampant problems that salespeople face today.
Jay is an exceptional sales coach and business consultant. He’s known as The CEO Extender, The Plastic Pallet Guy, and host of The Buyers and Sellers Show.
Jay provides many helpful solutions to overcoming struggles in the sales process, such as the DISC personality assessment and the RAIN selling technique.
Whether you’re a sales executive or a determined sales team member, this conversation might prove beneficial.

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