Hannah Moyer

Podcast: Social media, attribution & Starbucks conspiracies with Hannah Moyer

In this episode of the Connection Loop podcast, Ruben speaks with Hannah Moyer. Hannah is the Head of Paid Media at Blue Light Media, which is a digital marketing agency in Orange County, California. She is also the host of Candidly Caffeinated, a podcast that helps listeners learn to thrive in their creativity by embracing their true selves. Ruben and Hannah touch on a variety of topics in this episode, including how Hannah leveraged freelancing into her current job, Hannah’s earliest experiences working with brands, one social media platform that is underrated, yet increasingly important, the value of hyper-niche influencers in promoting your business, and Hannah’s thoughts on a quickly growing Starbucks conspiracy that may lead to some free marketing for the coffee giant. It is an enlightening conversation about social media, influencers, and more that we know you’ll enjoy.

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