Charlene Dipaola

Podcast: Scaling a YouTube channel, maintaining personalization and getting fit with HipShake Fitness founder, Charlene Dipaola

In this podcast, we explore a 3-year new fitness startup called HipShake Fitness with its founder Charlene Dipaola. HipShake Fitness has attracted a YouTube audience of over 100K followers and a growing subscription business through content marketing, instructional videos, and personalized marketing. In fact, her YouTube channel’s videos are often a top search result for popular dance terms such as “how to twerk”. Listen to this podcast to learn how to dance your way to marketing success. They story continues on <a href=””></a>

Watch the full video here:

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Listen to the full episode here:

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Listen to this podcast on the platform of your choice¬†<a href=”–maintaining-personalization-and-getting-fit-with-Charlene-Dipaola-e5fpid”>here</a>.

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