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Podcast: Personal Branding on LinkedIn & Beyond with Sam Frymer

LinkedIn has come a long way from being a platform solely for job hunters. Now, LinkedIn has expanded its mission and has become a platform where you can manage your professional identity. Whether you are an up-and-coming employee trying to make a name for yourself or an entrepreneur looking to develop new business, LinkedIn can offer you plenty of opportunities. At its core, however, LinkedIn is a place where you can show off your skills, experience, and talent to the entire world.

To learn more about the power of personal branding on LinkedIn (and other social networks), we’re happy to share our conversation with Sam Frymer. Sam is a marketing leader at HMS, which is a technology company that helps healthcare organizations reduce costs and improve health outcomes. Besides his work at HMS, however, Sam spends his “five to nine” reviewing resumes on LinkedIn. Sam is a master of LinkedIn and was even named by LinkedIn as having Top Editor Pick content in 2019. He’s certainly a person that we should listen to when thinking about enhancing our personal brands online.

Sam and Dubb founder Ruben Dua discuss many different topics and ideas in this interview, including the increasing importance of online personal brands, Sam’s “aha moment” that led to him helping others maximize their personal brands on LinkedIn, why posting authentic content helped Sam see traction on LinkedIn, the downsides of putting too much emphasis on experience, and some important tips on optimizing your LinkedIn profile.   

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