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Podcast: On Sales, Leadership, Depression, and Mental Health with Dale Dupree

As we enter the new year, many of us are setting annual goals. While many of these goals are focused on the financials, it is also important to safeguard our mental health in 2021. In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb Director of Partnerships Toni Bubb speaks with Dale Dupree about sales, leadership, depression, and mental health. Some of the insights that you will hear in this episode include the following:

  • The whole idea of having a “business mindset” is a cop-out. It can cause good meaning individuals to adopt borderline or unethical practices to achieve their goals. Instead, salespeople should shift their mindset and recognize that people are people. They have distinct problems they want to be solved. By focusing on their problems and the fact that they aren’t numbers in a spreadsheet, you will become a more effective salesperson. 
  • There is a significant difference between being a good salesperson and being a good sales leader. Sales leaders nurture their salespeople. While they may not get any direct commission in doing so, it is typically a great investment. If you are a sales leader in your organization, make sure that you are training your employees and building a great, positive workplace culture. 
  • In sales, there will also be a sense of rejection. A key prospect may be considering three different service providers and decide to work with one of your competitors. Failure is inevitable, yet you can always learn from your failures. Putting in the work and learning from your mistakes, you can become a much more effective salesperson. 
  • Men are allowed to be vulnerable. It may seem “unmasculine” or opposed to the “bro culture” of sales, but men are allowed to cry and have emotions. With a significant amount of suicides in the business world coming from white men, it’s critical to combat this taboo and let men be themselves. 
  • In your professional life, it is important to communicate your truth. The longer you take to communicate something that doesn’t feel right to you, the bigger the problem will become. While it may be uncomfortable at the moment, it’s worthwhile to be proactive. 

This is an outstanding episode for people that want to become their best selves in 2021. Whether you are trying to hit a new sales goal or are trying to become happier next year, Toni and Dale’s insights can help you accomplish your goals. Enjoy the episode!

Dale Dupree is the founder and CEO of The Sales Rebellion. The Sales Rebellion exists to #ChangeTheGame in the ever-so-boring sales bullpen. The company offers a wide range of services to its clients, including 1×1 sales coaching, sales training, sales mentorships, sales team bootcamps and masterminds, virtual sales training, on-site sales training, and more. Dale is also the host of the Selling Local podcast. On Selling Local, Dale tells stories, discusses ideas, and bring on guests to share their point of view—all in the name of giving listeners a greater purpose within their sales experience. 

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