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Podcast: On Growth, Outsourcing, and Paving your Own way with Linh Podetti

Linh Podetti is no stranger to struggle, growing up fast and learning things the hard way. As a child of immigrant parents from Vietnam, there were always high expectations and standards of how she was supposed to be and what she was supposed to do in her life. Her standards were high because it was probably abundantly clear that she had great potential and a great calling.

Though she had early plans of paving her own road and doing things her way, her life plans were altered when she became a single mother at a young age. She saw this as a calling and took it as inspiration to not give up on being an entrepreneur and helping people in the process–while still putting family first.

One of Linh’s first businesses was an e-commerce store that specialized in nail polish. Through this experience, she learned the value of video marketing, outsourcing, and providing long-term value to her clients. She eventually pivoted to a service-based agency business where she could provide the done-for-you marketing service that she always yearned for in her own business.

Now Linh’s two successful businesses are affording her the calling and lifestyle she always wanted. Her first business offers high-quality explainer video productions and the other provides full-service outsource staffing and management services.

One of her biggest mantras is creating a culture around mutually beneficial relationships and growth opportunities. In fact, she created her own model called the very thing that she is passionate about for herself and her clients: GROW.


The purpose of this system is to empower her clients to retain highly engaged, long-term team members that help the business grow continuously.

An important mantra to remember is best stated with the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Nobody cares how much you know¬†until they know how much you care.”

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