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Podcast: Moving From Fear to Purpose-Driven Action in Times of Uncertainty with Bill Wooditch

For all of us, life can be a scary thing. We take risks every day, whether that is investing our entire net worth into a business idea or are going to a podium to deliver a hugely important speech. The fear can be too much to bear. However, there are ways that we can acknowledge that fear and take action to accomplish our goals. To further discuss moving from fear to purpose-driven action, Dubb founder Ruben Dua sat down with Bill Wooditch. Insights shared in this episode include the following:

  • When facing obstacles, you need to decide whether you want to outsmart or outwork. This is an important exercise if you want to get to the next level. No matter your goal, you need to find that next gear that will propel you to success. 
  • Ultimately, real confidence is the key to success. Fake confidence is the type of arrogance or self-centeredness that may accompany the lack of talent. By contrast, real confidence comes from the competence that people want to get to know. So don’t feel like you need to put on a mask to be confident. Instead, develop competence in your craft. 
  • You can combat fear by pausing and taking a moment for yourself. This is especially effective in conversations and in public speaking. Even though it may feel awkward at the moment, leveraging pauses can fight the fear you’re experiencing and make you more collected. 
  • It’s critical to learn from the lessons that failure delivers to you. If you don’t, that failure will simply be an experience. On the other hand, if you take the failure and change your behavior in the future, it can be one of the best learning experiences of your life. 
  • Our brains are naturally biased toward conformity. It makes us feel safe. Getting out there and speaking your own truth can definitely be scary—especially if it is against the grain. However, by doing so, you can both change the world and be at peace with yourself. 

This is an outstanding discussion for essentially all of us during these uncertain times. From working toward our career goals to designing our ideal lives, we can take these insights and implement them today. Enjoy the episode!

Bill Wooditch is the president and CEO of the Wooditch Group. The Wooditch Group specializes in the negotiation, placement, and account stewardship of insurance and risk management programs for companies whose revenues range from $10 million to $3 billion. As the CEO of the Wooditch Group, Bill’s job is to attract, cultivate, coach, and position intellectual capital to perform profitably for themselves, clients, and shareholders. 

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