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Podcast: Leveraging Video in the Real Estate Industry with Isacc Guzman

Real estate is one of the largest and most important sectors within the U.S. economy. It is also fiercely competitive, as everyone from real estate agents to real estate startups is looking to increase market share and expand their bottom lines. One way to accomplish these goals is through video marketing. From taking virtual tours of new properties to hopping on Facebook Live to talk about the overall real estate market, video presents many opportunities to connect with potential buyers and sellers.

One person who is already doing impressive things with video in the real estate industry is Isacc Guzman. Isacc is the head of agent growth at Beer Home Team, which is a real estate agency based in San Diego. At Beer Home Team, Isacc partners with real estate agents and helps them build wealth through real estate sales and investment. He is also a Dubb user and leverages the platform to help his firm and partners leverage the power of video.  

Some of the topics discussed in this episode include how Isaac decided to leave his safe and secure job to go sell real estate on his own, how Isaac and his team use video to stay ahead of the competition, the importance of well-thought onboarding for both customers and employees, the value of geo-targeting in real estate ads, how companies in the real estate sector can leverage automation to accomplish their business goals, and the importance of implementing better processes to get more things done. 

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