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Podcast: Leading Professionals Out of the Rabbit Hole of Fatigue with Kenneth Newbill

We are all busy, whether we are the CEO of our startup or are the new hire at a large organization. Yet while we all do our best to stay alert amongst the busyness, it’s easy for us to get fatigued. Even if we are highly driven, fatigue can prevent us from reaching our goals. To learn more about the rabbit hole of fatigue, Dubb founder Ruben Dua sat down with Kenneth Newbill. Among the many insights you will hear in this discussion include: 

  • Fatigue is caused by many different things. Because of this, it is difficult for doctors and medical institutions to help their patients address fatigue. Fatigue can be the result of underlying diseases, trauma from past experiences, gut issues, and more. It’s complex, so you should work with someone willing to go below the surface to determine what is going on. 
  • Along with plenty of causes, there are plenty of signs of fatigue. The lower level of fatigue is when you constantly can’t find your keys or your phone. Higher levels of fatigue can be feelings of exhaustion even after you have slept for 10 hours. There are many different patterns for fatigue, but essentially, it is various levels of feeling tired. 
  • You need to look out for the top performers or “A players” at your organization. See how they are doing once they reach those peak levels. Ultimately, what they did to get to that peak level is not sustainable. Highly-driven individuals are particularly susceptible to fatigue. 
  • Even if you are building healthy habits and think that you are doing the “right thing,” it is absolutely critical to get sleep and rest. You need downtime and to allow your nervous system to calm down. Without deliberately seeking rest, your body starts to get out of whack. You can make poorer decisions and feel even more fatigued. 
  • As Kenneth says, things like coffee, wine, and sugar get you high. They let you escape reality for a little bit. All of those things are hitting the same receptors of your brain. Relying on things like wine, sugar, and coffee is a signal that you may be trying to avoid dealing with or coping with something. 

This is a terrific conversation for anyone who wants to better fight fatigue and live life on their own terms. Whether you are feeling fatigued right now or have been feeling fatigued for some time, you can get a lot from this conversation. 

Kenneth Newbill is a functional nutrition practitioner and holistic health coach. He works with his clients to help them win their war on fatigue and get their lives back. Along with this, Kenneth is a hair tissue mineral analysis practitioner. He works very closely at the cellular level to help bring people back into balance. 

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