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Podcast: How to Stand Out on LinkedIn with Alex Sheridan

LinkedIn has gone through a dramatic change in the past several years. What used to be a hub solely for individuals seeking jobs or companies looking to hire has transformed into a hub for managing your professional identity. Ultimately, LinkedIn is a fabulous place to grow your personal brand and generate more business. Yet while the opportunity is there, it can be difficult to stand out on such a robust social network.

To learn more about standing out on LinkedIn, we’re pleased to share our conversation with Alex Sheridan. Alex is the founder of Impaxs, which is a social media company that helps clients generate sales and build their businesses through LinkedIn. Alex’s clients include founders, business executives, and CEOs, and he helps them transform into revenue-generating content creators in the LinkedIn ecosystem.

Speaking with Dubb Creative Director Shannon Leonard, Alex shared some of his favorite tips on how you can make a name for yourself on LinkedIn. Some of the topics discussed include Alex’s background, why creativity is a key attribute for standing out on LinkedIn, why being authentic is so important when creating LinkedIn content, how video can help you stand out on LinkedIn, and some thoughts on starting side hustles. It’s a conversation that can help you make a significant leap forward on the LinkedIn platform.

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