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Podcast: How to Sell More by Selling Less with Kevin Gilman

Regardless of your sector or industry, you will quickly discover that sales is at its core. Truthfully, sales is in everything we do, whether that is trying to convince a prospect to take a chance on your company or even persuading colleagues to follow one strategic path over another. That being said, the actual act of sales can be cumbersome and draining. We feel like we always have to be “on stage” to persuade prospects, current clients, and even our colleagues.

The simple reality? There are several ways that we can sell more by selling less. To learn more about this tantalizing idea, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Kevin Gilman. Kevin is a national account executive at Marketplace and has worked for other companies like CBS and Greater Media. Kevin is an expert salesperson and has decades of experience in studying and mastering sales communication. The bottom line? Sales is about connecting at that human level.

In this episode of Connection Loop, you will hear Ruben and Kevin speak on topics like why it is important to show off your personality when making sales, why you need to bring energy to your videos, why apologies often lead to opportunities, and how Dubb can help you generate more sales. It’s a terrific conversation, whether you are a sales beginner or you have been refining your sales skills for decades.

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