Juliana Marulanda

Podcast: How to Retain Clients During Tough Times with Juliana Marulanda

The coronavirus is likely going to be one of the greatest business challenges that we see in our lifetimes. Regardless of the size or sector that you’re in, you may find yourself scrambling to keep clients from leaving your business. Because it’s unclear when this crisis will actually end, you’ll need to be proactive and aggressive in convincing your clients to stick with you.

It is for these reasons that we’re excited to share our conversation with Juliana Marulanda. Juliana is the founder and CEO of ScaleTime, which is a company focused on moving entrepreneurs from confusion to clarity when it comes to what they personally have to do in their business. Through her experience helping clients grow their businesses, Juliana was a great person to speak with about client retention in this era of Covid-19.

In her discussion with Dubb founder Ruben Dua, Juliana spoke about some of her favorite tips to retain clients, being sensitive to your clients’ cash needs amidst all of this uncertainty, how this can be a great opportunity to provide even more value to your customers and clients, and the importance of focusing on productivity.

Want to learn more from Juliana on how you can retain clients during these difficult times? The story continues at dubb.com.

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