Sheri St Marie

Podcast: How to Help People and Get Rich with Sheri St Marie

We are living in a unique and difficult time in American history. Not only has Covid-19 changed the way that we work and live, but it has made it more difficult to connect with others. Yet while we are living in an era of social distancing, we can still help people and be financially rewarded in the process.

In this episode of Connection Loop, we wanted to share an example of someone who is creating immense value in these strange times. Sheri St. Marie is an entrepreneur and real estate broker. In 2003, she started a real estate brokerage called Storylane Properties and has been running it ever since. Sheri is an inspirational voice. She shows how intelligence, grit, and empathy can not only help others but can lead to financial rewards.

Topics discussed in this episode include the importance of empathy during these uncertain and troubling times, how Sheri took her background in teaching and applies those lessons to her work today, the importance of getting paid what you are worth, how mindset is one of the most important factors that will lead you to the results you want, and why listening is one of the best ways to help people and create immense value for your clients and audiences.

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