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Podcast: How to Create a Relationship Flywheel and Use it to Supercharge Your Business Growth with Isar Meitis

No matter the size or sector of your business, it is essentially impossible to build a business by yourself. At a minimum, you must find talented and driven colleagues. But beyond that, business growth is about building relationships with clients, prospects, vendors, and others. While it takes some to create long-lasting and durable relationships, the benefits can last a lifetime. To learn more about building relationships and using them to supercharge your business growth, Ruben Dua sat down with Isar Meitis, the founder of e-tribe. In this episode of Connection Loop, you will hear many different insights and tips, including the following:

  • The old school method of marketing involved one-to-one connections in the real world. You would meet a prospect for dinner or connect with interesting people at a conference. The problem, however, is that these efforts are not scalable. Within the digital world, you can build long-term relationships at scale. Keep this in mind as you are thinking about how you connect with prospects, vendors, and even future employees. 
  • Podcasts or live digital events can be outstanding ways to meet prominent individuals. While it may be difficult to get a well-known CEO on the phone for a private conversation, it is much easier to speak with him or her in a more public format. Not only will you get to connect with a titan of your industry, but you will be able to provide immense value to members of your audience. 
  • Everyone has to start somewhere. It is all too easy to compare yourself with others who have more followers, fans, or relationships than you. While it is easy to think these thoughts, it does more harm than good. Keep your head down and continue to work. By getting better every day, you will start to look like the people that you emulate today. 
  • Leaders bring others to the stage. They recognize that their achievements haven’t come from working alone. Consequently, they liberally give credit to their colleagues and teammates. If you are a leader, doing this will bring your team closer together and help you accomplish even more of your business goals. 
  • All you need to create great digital content is a reasonable microphone and any headset. That’s really it. You don’t need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in the best equipment. Instead, spend most of your time focusing on the value that you are bringing to the audience. If you are creating content that addresses your audience’s wants and needs, you will be well on your way to building strong, long-term relationships.  

This is an excellent conversation for entrepreneurs and managers that are looking for long-term, sustainable ways to grow their businesses. Whether you are searching for better ways to build durable relationships or are looking for ways to transform great relationships into actual sales, you will get a ton from this discussion. Enjoy!

Isar Meitis is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and small business mentor. He is the founder of the e-tribe, which is a group of similar-minded entrepreneurs, e-marketers, eCommerce, and other experts who share their knowledge and help each other grow. At e-tribe, Isar brings together talented and fascinating individuals to discuss everything from marketing strategies to growth hacking. Before e-tribe, Isar was the president of eCommerce at Tourico Holidays and the co-founder and CEO of PeoplePost. 

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