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Podcast: How to Create a #1 Ranked Podcast with Hala Taha

We’re now living in an era where podcasts have become extremely popular. Clearly, you agree. In fact, you may be thinking about starting your own podcast, whether it is for your company or for yourself. While there are plenty of opportunities to create a successful podcast, creating a number one ranked podcast is a much more difficult task. That said, it isn’t impossible. It is possible—so long as you work hard and carefully consider the insights from this episode’s guest.

In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua discusses everything podcasting with Hala Taha. Hala is the host, executive producer, and creator of the Young and Profiting podcast. In the Young and Profiting podcast, Hala’s goal is to turn wisdom from some of the brightest minds in the world into actionable advice that you can use in your everyday life—no matter your age, profession, or industry. The podcast has over 500,000 downloads and Hala has interviewed renowned entrepreneurs, ex-FBI agents, authors, and more.

In her conversation with Ruben, Hala discusses topics like her secret sauce to creating a number one ranked podcast, how she came up with the subject matter for her podcast, some key insights on podcast growth, the major things that podcasters should know about marketing, the importance of being scrappy, and how Hala thinks about recruiting team members for her show. It’s a great discussion and one that can be valuable for beginning and experienced podcasters.

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