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Podcast: How to Build a World-Class Virtual Sales Organization with Alice Heiman

Whether you run a small startup or are in charge of a larger business, you undoubtedly recognize that sales are the lifeblood of any organization. Without sales, it’s impossible to reach your business goals. Having said this, how can we build and run world-class sales organizations (especially in a virtual-first world)? To learn more, Dubb founder Ruben Dua sat down with Alice Heiman to discuss the steps to building a stellar virtual sales organization. Some insights that you will hear in this discussion include: 

  • When looking at sales, most CEOs have some trepidation about what is actually going on. While they have certain sales goals, whether they are higher sales numbers or greater customer retention, they may not be sure about how to actually make it happen. This is one of the biggest problems for CEOs that are looking to grow or even bring on outside investors.  
  • There is so much opportunity out there for companies to leverage virtual sales forces. These salespeople do not need to spend their valuable time traveling to different cities and knocking on plenty of doors. Instead, they can quickly get in touch with prospects and start building those valuable prospect relationships. Instead of spending time on the logistics, they can overwhelmingly focus on the prospect.   
  • Many CEOs are still stuck in the old-school approach to sales. For instance, they still want their sales professionals to make a certain number of cold calls per day or send out a certain number of emails per day. Moreover, the messaging in these communications isn’t the greatest. CEOs need to shift the paradigm and embrace the new relationship-first method of selling.  
  • World-class salespeople know what matters to their customers. They know what those things are and how to communicate them to prospects. Moreover, these world-class salespeople do it well every single day. They bring tremendous value. While it isn’t easy, sales teams, by leveraging empathy and hard work, can get to that point.  
  • Being a great salesperson is about solving problems. These problems can be functional problems, but they can go one step further. They can be emotional problems or social problems. Because of this, every salesperson needs to hone in on the prospect’s problems and show how their product or service can address those problems.  

This is a great conversation for anyone that is looking to supercharge their sales team. Whether you are exceeding your sales goals or are consistently falling short, Alice’s insights can help you create real change within your sales team. Enjoy the episode! 

Alice Heiman is the founder and chief sales energizer of Alice Heiman, LLC. At Alice Heiman, LLC, Alice helps her clients deal with complex B2B sales, obtain rapid exponential growth, beat the competition, and ramp-up value for an exit strategy. Alice is also a speaker. Participants that leave her programs are motivated and ready to make changes in the way that they approach sales.  

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