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Podcast: How to Amplify Your Brand with Video with Mark Weathers

Video can be your secret weapon in attracting new customers, solidifying relationships with your current customers, and becoming a thought leader in your sector. Ultimately, however, video is an outstanding tool to help you amplify your brand. Whatever your brand stands for, you can use the power of video to accomplish all of your branding goals. It can be a true difference-maker as you and your colleagues show how your company can create real value in customers’ lives.

To learn more about how to amplify brands with video, Dubb founder Ruben Dua spoke with Mark Weathers. Mark is a video content creator for brands. His mission is to help his clients create gorgeous videos, which thereby help those clients connect with their customers. He is truly passionate about his work and is laser-focused on helping his clients accomplish their goals.

Ruben and Mark’s conversation touched on many different topics, including the reason why Mark decided to dedicate his professional life to video content, how video allows us to emotionally connect with each other, the objections of video, how to create a video marketing strategy, and how to get over imposter syndrome when creating content. It’s a terrific conversation that has helpful lessons for small and large businesses alike.

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