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Podcast: How Content Creation Can Boost Your Career with JT O’Donnell

In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua sat down with JT O’Donnell to discuss content creation and career goals. Wherever we are in our careers, we certainly have goals that we want to achieve. That being said, hitting those goals is often much more complicated than we envision. While there are many ways to get closer to those goals, one of the best ways to do so is to consistently create digital content. In this episode, you will hear many different insights about this topic, including the following:
  • Many people don’t understand how to assess themselves and figure out their definition of a good career. All too often, they rely on others’ perceptions of what they should be doing. A key aspect of addressing this issue is learning the skills that can help them make better career choices and be more satisfied in their careers.
  • JT believes that your network is your net worth. But along with this, JT also argues that you need to brand or be branded. People choosing to not create content and distribute their messages will be lost in the void of social media. By contrast, if you do become memorable with your message, you are that much more likely to accomplish your professional goals.
  • When creating content, consistency is the name of the game. If you are consistent and don’t give up, you will get the results that you expect. Even when things are getting really tough, keep going.
  • JT’s “three C’s” are content, coaching, and community. By embracing these three C’s, you can see a significant boost in your career. No matter your goals or objectives, these three C’s will get you there.
  • You don’t need to be shackled by the golden handcuffs. You don’t need to settle for a career that you don’t necessarily love. While it may be difficult to see right now, you can find a job or career that is perfect for you.

Ultimately, this is an outstanding conversation for anyone looking to supercharge their career. Whether you just graduated from college or are looking for a substantial career pivot, JT’s advice can be truly game-changing. Enjoy the episode!

JT O’Donnell is the founder and CEO of WorkItDaily.com, which is a private B2C SaaS career coaching platform with more than 3,000 monthly premium subscribers. WorkItDaily.com is also a free website that has over 1.5 million page views per month, over 3.5 million social media followers, and more than 125,000 email subscribers. Among her many goals are to help her clients leverage better and faster ways to find their dream jobs. JT spent the first part of her professional career in HR recruiting, training, and staffing.

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