Podcast: How being on the go, not caring about naysayers, and having a beautiful beard gets success – Boom!

Boom! Joe Apfelbaum is always on the run. Why? Because he’s a hustler, because he’s a motivator, because he’s an agency owner, and because it’s his mission to help people to grow their business. Joe is no stranger to pushing the limits and doing things differently. He’s a professional speaker, trained emcee, workshop leader, Google certified trainer, and B2B marketing expert. His goals are somewhat audacious, but with his self-accountability, constant focus on creating educational content, and always being on the go, he has a chance of achieving those goals.

In this podcast, we discuss some insanely important ideas on how to hold yourself accountable, transcend competition around you, and do so with not really having a care in the world. His model works, and it liberates you like a beautiful beard.

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