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Podcast: Growing and Scaling Your Business with Matt Coffy

We all want our businesses to get larger. We want to serve more customers and provide even more value in their lives. That being said, how can we do this both efficiently and effectively? In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua sat down with Matt Coffy to talk about key tactics and strategies to grow and scale your business. Some of the many takeaways from this conversation include the following: 

  • When connecting with members of your audience, it is a great idea to deliberately include different types of videos that relate back to that specific audience member. In other words, you can give your audience member a customized video playlist, which allows you to offer them a personalized experience while also sharing high-quality videos about your product or service. You can easily leverage customized video playlists with Dubb. 
  • It’s important to gauge whether you are putting too much time into a certain project or task. Even if you think that the rewards are there, investing too much time may not provide you with better output. Starting with the most effective means is a great way to minimize your input and maximize your output. 
  • Empathetic communicators are getting significant amounts of attention right now. These are people that truly feel empathy and provide that human connection as they are providing value. Rather than feeling salesly or aggressive, audience members feel more comforted. It’s in your interest to embrace this style of communication as you speak with your prospects, clients, and audience members. 
  • When focusing on results for your clients and team, a dramatic mind shift takes place. To get to this point, it’s critical to constantly listen to your clients’ and colleagues’ needs. While it can be tempting to build products or services to serve your curiosity, focusing on others’ needs will help you create immense value.
  • Word of mouth is one of the best ways to generate lead flow. Even though it is easy to focus on things like social media ads or other marketing channels, don’t ignore the power of word of mouth. It can be a huge force in helping you accomplish your sales and marketing goals. 

This is a great conversation for anyone that is looking to learn effective strategies and tactics to grow their businesses. Whether you are a small startup or work for a larger company, you can get a lot from this conversation. Enjoy!

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