Jason Duncan

Podcast: Exploring the Power of Video Marketing with Jason Duncan

At Dubb, we see plenty of entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who use the power of video marketing in unique ways. The beauty of video marketing is that there are essentially no rules. So long as you are consistently providing high-value content to your audience, you will start to get much closer to your marketing goals. As an illustration of this, we are happy to share this discussion with Jason Duncan. Jason is the founder of Energy Lighting Services, which is a lighting and electrical services company located in Hendersonville, Tennessee. 

In his conversation with Dubb founder Ruben Dua, Jason shares a wealth of insights about his early career, Energy Lighting Services, and video marketing. Some of the specific topics discussed in this conversation include Jason’s origin story (including his prior careers in ministry and education), his journey from side hustler to landing his first multimillion-dollar contract with Energy Lighting Services, how Jason has leveraged Dubb and the power of video marketing to grow his business, the overarching problem that Jason’s business is trying to solve, and why the future of video editing is going to be tremendously exciting. Whether you want to learn about starting a business from scratch or successfully using video marketing at your business, you are sure to find this conversation enlightening.    

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