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Podcast: E is for Empathy with Breanna Lynn

Empathy is something that all of us know is important. After all, without empathy, it is impossible to relate to others and build long-term relationships with others. However, how can we become more empathetic and use that power to create more value for ourselves and others? In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua sat down with Breanna Lynn to discuss all things empathy. Some of the insights that you will hear in this discussion include: 

  • Simply put, there is a lack of empathy in the world. In other words, there is a lack of understanding of other people’s feelings. We struggle to stand in other people’s shoes, which makes it more difficult for us to relate to them or build relationships. Even in the sales context, lack of empathy makes it more difficult to sell your product or service.  
  • Many people don’t understand the difference between empathy and sympathy. Empathy is getting into the trenches with the other person. Whether or not you felt their feelings before, it is ingratiating yourself in those feelings. Sympathy, on the other hand, is just understanding those feelings on more of a surface level.
  • Just because you are doing business doesn’t mean that you need to put your feelings aside. We can be more empathetic people and still be productive in business. Going one step further, empathy can actually make you more productive, as you build longer-term relationships and increase your odds of making more sales.  
  • Empathy is about trust. It is about making yourself vulnerable and potentially opening yourself to rejection. However, by embracing this vulnerability and pursuing trust, you are one step closer to evangelism.
  • Covid-19 is a great opportunity to become more empathetic. Especially now, we don’t know what others are experiencing or going through. Adopting a genuine interest in others and stepping into their shoes is even more important during these uncertain times. 

This is a great conversation for anyone that wants to become more empathetic. From the most entry-level employees to CEOs and managers of companies, we can all improve this skill and create more value in our lives. Enjoy the conversation!

Breanna Lynn is an author and mental health therapist. Most recently, she is the author of a children’s book titled E is for Empathy, which explores empathy and shows children how they can apply empathy in a practical manner.  She has also authored books like Kai the Kitten’s World of Color and Tristan the Tiger’s Adventures.

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