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Podcast: Doing Business on LinkedIn with Troy Hipolito

Are you looking for a better way to do business on LinkedIn? If so, you are going to love this episode of Connection Loop. Here, Ruben Dua spoke with Troy Hipolito on how to use LinkedIn to grow and scale your business. Some of the insights that you will hear in this episode include the following:
  • There is a good amount of noise on LinkedIn. As LinkedIn users, you have undoubtedly seen floods of messages bombarding your inbox. That being said, the fact that there is noise on the platform leaves open a great opportunity for you to break through the noise and add real value to your connections.
  • If you are trying to generate revenue from LinkedIn, you must ensure that your audience is active on the platform. If they aren’t, you are going to find it much more difficult to connect and engage with your prospects.
  • It is critical to respond with intelligence. By this, we mean accounting for connections have said in prior messages and even biographical information. Responding with intelligence is a great way to build long-term connections and increase your chances of generating a sale.
  • Think about your objective when you are sending connection requests and/or responding to LinkedIn messages. While it may seem obvious to you, it helps to go through the exercise. It can inform the way that you communicate with your LinkedIn connections.
  • If you haven’t gotten a response from a connection, you’ll likely need to follow up. After 30 or 60 days, you need to have a strategy. For instance, it’s acceptable to reach out to that prospect via email.

Ultimately, this is an outstanding episode for entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike. No matter your career goals, LinkedIn can help you get closer to those goals. Because of this, we encourage you to implement the insights discussed in this episode.

Troy Hipolito is the founder of ReturnClient, which connects its users directly to verified clients. Essentially, ReturnClient drives clients to its users by combining LinkedIn, personal videos, warm email, and human interaction. Before starting ReturnClient, Troy was also the founder of ISO Interactive, which provided award-winning software development solutions for traditional and emerging technologies.

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