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Podcast: Bringing Our Souls to Work with Ryan McCarty, internationally renowned speaker and author of Build a Culture of Good


For the past number of decades, companies of all shapes and sizes have been focused on maximizing shareholder value. While this has brought them success to this point, we are now living in a world where companies need to move past profits and focus on the larger influence they are having on the world.

To better understand this monumental decision, we are delighted to share insights from Ryan McCarty. Ryan is an internationally renowned speaker who developed a Culture of Good movement. The movement has impacted over 3,000 employees in 42 states (and also providing more than $6 million in goodwill to many communities). He is also the author of Build a Culture of Good, which focuses this idea on letting your employees bring their souls to work.

Ryan, along with Dubb founder Ruben Dua, discusses a long list of topics in this conversation. Those topics include Ryan’s origin story and mission, how he helps his clients match their strategic intent with a greater sense of purpose, why we need to rehumanize business as we enter this new decade, and Ryan’s vision of how the business community can give back in the next ten to twenty years.

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