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Podcast: Advanced LinkedIn Strategies with Andy Foote

In this episode of Connection Loop, Dubb founder Ruben Dua sits down with Andy Foote to talk about advanced strategies that you can leverage on LinkedIn. Some of the many insights that are shared in this episode include:
  • While it may seem like a good idea, overly focusing on your language and vocabulary can harm your LinkedIn posts. You certainly want to use proper grammar and avoid any unnecessary errors, but don’t hesitate to write how you speak. Also, don’t hesitate to share real-life examples to back up your posts.
  • The problem with many LinkedIn headlines is that they aren’t used creatively. They don’t understand the big picture and don’t understand the context behind LinkedIn headlines.
  • The three main things that people see when viewing your LinkedIn profile page are your photograph, your headline, and your name. Make sure that you offer a clean photograph and concise headline that describes what you’re all about.
  • If you are trying to find new prospects or customers on LinkedIn, try to avoid bots or other scraping programs. All too often, those bots will get prospects’ names wrong, which will scuttle any chance you have of converting that customer.
  • Be strategic about the links that you are including on your LinkedIn page. Think about directing your visitors to a portfolio page, for instance, where you can show off your background and skills.
Whether you are just getting into LinkedIn or have been a LinkedIn power user for some time, you are sure to get immense value from this conversation. Enjoy the conversation!

Andy Foote is an advanced LinkedIn strategies coach and creator of the FOOTE-NOTES podcast. He helps his clients focus on their time, objectives, and LinkedIn brand. Before his work as a LinkedIn strategies coach and podcaster, Andy was a recruiter, lawyer, taught law at university, and traveled throughout the United States as an HR management consultant.

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